Monday, 17 December 2012

What does the new Twitter page design mean for your business?

Last week Twitter threw a challenge to the business. In what has been announced is moving towards making the presence of users' "more meaningful" is starting to roll out some major design changes to your profile page.

Update aesthetic, which allows users to customize their Twitter profiles by adding banner header to an existing profile pictures and backgrounds, offering the opportunity for branding more visible. But there are concerns that too much visual branding can have a potentially adverse effect on the business of social presence 'if they fail to do it right, and goes against the grain of an existing Twitter user experience.

Unlike Facebook cover landscape photography, where the image is the profile comfortably tucked in the upper left-hand, new Twitter avatar is positioned center-forward in the image header. This gives Twitter users the opportunity to unleash their design creativity in their attempt to unify the two images seamlessly.

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Some users, such as service comparison Dividing It and San Diego-based SEO services, Organic SEO, have managed to blend their avatar with header and background to good effect, while the other major brands do not react immediately, will no doubt reflect on the implications of the brand design changes.
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HP and Microsoft have so far chosen to preserve their avatar tried-and-tested background + Twitter presence and it will be interesting to see when and how they would approach a new design capabilities of microblogging platform.

Other companies, such as Hubspot, has embraced change and add nuance, friendly branding Twitter personalized for them by uploading a header image of their staff.

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The new Twitter design: A chance branding or visual noise?

With the addition of more images for visual inventory, Twitter has created both opportunities and risks, depending on how close the business changes.

On the one hand, the new flag area offers businesses the opportunity to better communicate their brand identity on the platform. On the other hand, there is the danger of just creating visual noise on the platform where the content is the main focus?

The good news is that Twitter has been flexible in allowing users to store their old page design ... for now. Eventually, all profiles will be updated with a new design, the company announced, although it did not reveal more about the launch timeframe.

This gives the company a little while to get to grips with the new Twitter design and finding the right visual approach that best reflect their brand identity. As with other media for social change, the brand may be going through a period of trial and error until they find the best application of the new visual capabilities.

One thing is for sure - the new profile design page, Twitter is the ending dullness, brochure-like profile and gives the brand an opportunity to infuse some vitality and personality to their existing social presence. How will business respond to these challenges remains to be seen.

Ultimately, these changes will help drive deeper engagement with users? That is something that will not be easy to judge!

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