Wednesday, 23 October 2013

5 Crowdsourcing Web Design Sites

are crowdsourcing web design sites what you need for your next web project? here are five popular sites.

Crowdsourcing web design sites are based on a business model where creative agencies can call on the collective talents of the design community to pitch for jobs that a company would normally outsource to a third-party provider. It gives design studios access to a bigger pool of talent at affordable prices but companies are not always privy to a wider range of experience and knowledge. Here are five crowdsourcing sites you can try out.


CrowdSPRING is one of the most popular crowdsourcing web design sites for logos and graphic design with an average of 110 entries per project and a community of 114,217 designers. You can choose from 43 design and writing categories. Over 28,500 small businesses trust crowdSPRING with custom logo design, web design and writing services. These include household names Amazon, Starbucks Coffee, LG and Air Zealand.

Design Crowd

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that brings freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world together. The website specialises in providing logo, website, print and graphic design services. It gives agencies access to a ‘virtual team’ of 71,533 designers represented from 165 countries. According to their website, studios that post jobs get an average of 106 designs to choose from.

99 Designs

With 99 Designs, you can turn your logo/design project into a contest – it is another of the popular crowdsourcing web design sites. All you need to do is submit a concise brief and determine a fee for the contest winner – this will depend on the complexity of the project. The average entries per competition are 108. If you don’t like any of the designs, then simply contact 99 Designs within 99 days to get a complete refund.


MycroBurst is an online platform which introduces designers to design studios. Each project that is posted gets an average of 108 entries from the 30,000-strong community of graphic and logo designers. Design agencies name the price they want to pay for their design project. Services include complete web designs, blog templates, logo, stationary and business card designs, marketing collateral and print advertising.


Logomyway was designed (pardon the pun) to act as a bridge between clients needing design work like logo designs, graphic designs, business card designs and T-shirts designs and creative agencies. There are over 15,000 logo designers in over 100 countries waiting to create your company logo and if your project doesn’t receive at least 50 entries, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Using crowdsourcing web design sites may be a good option for smaller businesses but like the business adage, you get what you pay for – the design quality may be hit or miss. At Web Design Works, we specialise in customised and tailored design solutions and have proven experience in creating unique and beautiful eye-catching designs for our high-profile clients each and every time.

As an alternative, crowd source your web design and let us build your site to ensure that your site is built in the most easy-to-use and Search Engine-friendly manner. Contact us to find out more about our professional web design packages and services.

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