Monday, 9 December 2013

Tizen Vs Android : Samsung to release its Tizen phone in 2014

There are now many operating systems for mobiles present in the market. Some of the famous operating systems are Android, IOS and windows mobile. Every Operating system has its own different features. Before launching of Android, IOS has captured all the market share.

Later, Windows mobile and Android smartphones comes in market and the market share distributed. But the
market share of IOS was very high as compared to other OS. That is because of the reason that Apple laid the foundation of Smart phones technology and quality of apple i-phones are recognized all over the world.

In 2008,Google released Android OS. This was the first open source operating system. It uses all the latest UI and web technologies.At start Android did't get good response in market. But after spending some time in market, android gained the popularity. and now the android is the largest selling brand of the year.

Now as the Samsung announced to launched new operating system as Tizen. The Tizen is backed by the two big companies like Samsung and Intel. Tizen is an open source operating system, The main feature of Tizen is the compatibility on multiple mobile platforms. It means that if you have make an App in Tizen, you run this app on android. IOS and windows mobile.A little change is needed in code only. Due to this ability it seems that Tizen is also able to snatch smartphone market share.

It is thought Tizen is operating system for smartphones only. This is not true as Samsung has announced to use Tizen in his tablets, smart Tv,s. Tizen Netbooks and Tizen IVI. So in words Samsung wants to see this operating system everywhere.

But there would be a great battle is expected between Tizen and Android. Lets see who.s going to win the race, You can also visit the site Tizen Tutorials for getting more stuff about Tizen.

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