Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to access YouTube via in Pakistan Without Any Proxy Software

It’s been more than a year since YouTube banned in Pakistan and all you have to do is to use VPN/Proxy services but not anymore. A group of Pakistani developers came up with a unique Chrome extension that lets you play any YouTube video in Pakistan without connecting to any VPN/Proxy service. Want to know how?

How to install and use Chrome extension.

Step 1:

Download Chrome Plugin file from here. This extension of only works with Google Chrome and not any other browser.

Step 2:

Now open your Google Chrome Browser and go to Tools >> Extensions (Fig1), now when the extension page is opened all you have to is drag the downloaded file in Extension Manager page and your Chrome Plugin will be added and ready to work.

Figure 1:


Now that the Chrome Plugin is installed in your Chrome browser, open anyYouTube link of the video in Chrome browser and magically you will be redirected to and after processing of few seconds the video will be at your disposal to watch and share. It’s that easy and simple. The processing time can be increased depending on the duration of the video though.
In the end I would like mention few steps you can follow to initially test the plugin.
1.       Open
2.       Search “funny cat videos” on Google(Fig2) for example
3.       Click on any video link and you will be redirected to straight away and video will be available after processing (Fig3 & Fig4)

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Hope this article will help you installing the plugin, if the screenshots are confusing please also watch the below video. If still facing problem installing, leave your comments down and we will address your issue.

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