Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wi-Tribe / Qubee Extra GB (Bundle offer)

Wi-Tribe / Qubee Bundle GB Offers (When you cross GB limit)

In Wi-Tribe when you exceed your GB limit , they charge you Rs. 0.10 Per MB (Rs. 102 Per GB)
In Qubee when you exceed your GB limit, they don't charge you extra and internet works on reduced speed. that usage is free but slow.

Wi-tribe and Qubee both giving their bundle GB offer for their customers.

-- Wi-Tribe Rs. 75 = 2GB , Rs. 150 = 5GB.
-- Qubee Rs.100 = 3GB , Rs. 200 = 7GB or Rs. 500 = 18GB

 (Customer will not be charged even if he wont buy bundle in QUBEE as packages are AOL(Always OnLine) means no extra charge on usage even exceed limit, but speed will be reduced)

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